The Vegan E-Commerce Girl

Thanks to Referral Candy for including my quote (Tactic #8) in this great Infographic on how to attract customers to online stores. There’s a lot of insight and useful information for both marketers and operation managers alike to use to grow business as well as to grow relationships. What it comes down to is that without the customers we are nothing, especially in the online retail world!

What do you think? Any tactics you would add? Share in the comments!

What do you think of Alibaba now launching biz n the U.S.? Should Amazon or eBay be scared? 

What a great article to help industry professionals take ecommerce beyond the sale. Ecommerce content marketing can offer many opportunities to expand reach, build awareness and connect with people. It takes your business beyond the $$ and helps it become a creative experience for you and your customers.

Many thanks to Scott Taft of OG Content for allowing me to contribute to this article. Also, thanks to Michele Linn of the Content Marketing Institute for making the connection!

It certainly is! My Veggie Prom dress is in there. Since I’m at work, I’ll wait to open it at home. So excited!!

It certainly is! My Veggie Prom dress is in there. Since I’m at work, I’ll wait to open it at home. So excited!!

Coming soon, my husband’s going to be a guest blogger for this lovely blog on vegan e-commerce. Now, the man is vegan, but doesn’t work in e-commerce. In fact, other than co-authoring The Food Duo with me, he’s not in the tech space. Nevertheless, he is a shopper and prefers doing most of it online, with the exception of shoes. 

So, why will he be writing on here? Over the past few months, Carlo’s been going forth on finding the perfect shaving tools and products that are of solid quality and cruelty-free. He’s taken a look at different options, as well as some subscriptions like Dollar Shave Club and Harry’s Shave

Well, he’s taken his first venture in his testing. Correction: I took it for him after promising to buy him a new shaving kit, if he promised to get rid of his beard and go with a clean-shaven face through the summer. He said he’d do it, and suggested that he try Harry’s Shave first. 

So, when it arrives, he’ll do a review of the product and the shopping experience as he watched me place the order. 

I’m excited about this and a scruff-free summer!